Finance and accounting
under control.

The full integration of financials and accounting control into the information structure is of vital importance to any company. Financial accounting transactions that are not complete and reliable can be a risk. Many commercial and business operation require high precision even because they must comply with various national and international regulations. Many operations within the financial department take time and involve several steps.

It is therefore crucial to have an automated financial management system where procedures and transaction entries are stored in the simplest way possible.

IGF is a Financial Accounting suite that allows managing the administrative-accounting flows in an orderly, efficient, and effective way, even in complex multi-company/multi-national environments.

This solution meets the external and internal requirements of transparency and responsibility by including a high degree of automation.

The intuitive and easily navigable interface allows carrying out usual administration, finance, and control activities: from general accounting to managerial accounting by integrating asset management, from credit management to bank management, from drafting the financial statements to tax compliance and operational reporting.

This powerful system allows data to be re-aggregated to obtain analysis, even extremely complex.

The software is localized in compliance with the Italian Tax regulations, but it is expandable according to business needs, to further country specific requirements.


for every need

Financial accounting

  • Multi entities (group, company, branch), Multi-currency
  • Multi-dimensional analysis with complete drill-down
  • Budget for general ledger accounts with the possibility of unlimited plans of variance analysis
  • Drafting of reclassified financial statements compliant with the IV EU directive or according to the IAS/IFRS international accounting principles
  • Book-keeping up to five simultaneous currencies
  • Reminders management
  • Automatic payments (national and international) with automatic bank transfer
  • Import of bank statements
  • Creation of customized reports (balance sheets, budgets, financial / asset / economic indices, so on)
  • Consolidation
  • Audit trail


Management accounting – Cost accounting

  • Analysis by Cost Types, Cost Centers, Objectives
  • Hierarchy of cost centers and objectives
  • Overhead costs models
  • Calculation of costs with fixed and variable allocations (Drivers)
  • Creation of customized reports (First Cost, Manufacturing Cost, Cost of Sales, etc.)
  • Budget for Cost Centers with the possibility of unlimited plans of variance analysis
  • Groundwork for prices determination and calculation of fixed and variable costs


Asset accounting – Asset management

  • Unlimited valuation areas
  • Unlimited depreciation plans
  • Depreciation forecast by categories or by individual asset
  • Forecast calculations for interim financial statements
  • Main/secondary/dependent asset correlations
  • Automatic accounting postings
  • Attachments archiving relating to the asset



This system allows you to manage specific automation that increase efficiency and productivity such as payable/receivable, reminders, payments, minimizing human error and manual interventions. Reclassification of balance sheets, budgets, economic-financial-liabilities analysis, index calculation become easy to implement, allowing you to get fundamental and useful data to make the best correct strategic decisions. From an analytical point of view, targeted drill-down and reporting functionalities based on consistent data sources can eliminate the need for endless cross-comparisons.

The IGF analytical and cost accounting module can be integrated directly with Infor ERP Blending: invoices and accounting records from orders are pre-filled. In this way you can get immediate management reports for profitability analysis.

IGF covers the usual bank accounting procedures and those related to the transmission of electronic lists according to SEPA standards, or those associated with conditions checks and account statement. Payment authorizations and conditions changes can be controlled through the workflow. The Credit Control, integrated with Infor ERP Blending, highlights the solvency of the customer, it allows the reminders management, and it provides the sales department with information to manage customer blocks or alerts.

Asset management, integrated with the invoice postings, becomes simple, powerful, and extremely clear. The possibility of implementing unlimited amortization plans, of making simulation for single assets or categories allows you to always have under control all the accounting data for interim balance sheets and/or for data useful to cost accounting. Furthermore, you can create customized reports to obtain the necessary information according to your specific need.

Who chooses IGF benefits from a rapid return on investment: the ease of use and speed of implementation require little effort of time and resources within the company organization.