Safety is served.
Rather, guaranteed.

Companies that manages dangerous substances or mixtures in their own country or abroad must provide the entire supply chain with documentation indicating how to handle the products in total safety and in a compliant way.

The safety data sheets (SDS) and the labels must be drafted according to current regulations that can be different from country to country and, in case of updates, they must be re-issued and returned to all recipients.

Infor Blending Envicon is a management system for hazardous material. It is specifically developed to:

  • reduce risks associated with hazardous substances handling
  • quickly and efficiently meet regulatory requirements in the documentation.

The core of Infor Blending Envicon is the vast database with over 6,000 dangerous substances, continuously updated.

Based on stored formulas, Infor Blending Envicon calculates the composition of the present dangerous substances, it knows the official limit values ​​in different countries, and it also speaks their language.

With this information, Infor Blending Envicon determines the appropriate labeling based on the CLP regulation – CE 1272/2008 – on preparations, transport classification based on RID / ADR, IMDG, ICAO / IATA, and further additional national classifications.

Infor Blending Envicon also keeps record of the version of the safety data sheet (SDS) sent to customers.


for every need

  • Database containing over 6,000 chemicals (including Candidate List, ATP)
  • Classification calculation and labeling based on CLP -CE 1272/2008, GHS and REACH regulations
  • ADR, IMDG, ICAO / IATA transport classification
  • Multi-language archive management, exposure limit values, physical-chemical properties, limit values ​​for labeling, international classifications, TLV and VOC values
  • Calculation of Pictograms and H/P phrases
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS), Exposure Scenarios (ES) in compliance with EU Regulation 2015/830 and available in over 30 languages
  • ISS declaration and transmission
  • Evaluation and update of the SDS status
  • Constant updating of the archive and legal requirements for safety data sheets
  • Possible integration of specific national parameters
  • Product descriptions depending on the customer and/or language

Infor Blending Envicon can be used as a standalone or as an integrated module within Infor ERP Blending.



Adopting Infor Blending Envicon means to choose a reliable solution, always up-to-date and flexible. It complies with regulations and, above all, it secures the company from risks deriving from improper handling of hazardous materials.

The application structure is equipped with functions that can be used to search for dangerous compounds and substances, expandable with additional criteria. In this way you may know in advance which products complies with the restrictive specifications of a customer or a sector (e.g., ZDHC, MRLS).

If Infor Blending Envicon is used integrated with Infor ERP Blending, you can automatically get information on product classification (P, H, Pictograms, transportation info) for other documents, such as transport documents, pick-up lists or labels. The interaction between the two applications allows keeping under control the warehouse as well according to the Seveso III regulation.

Furthermore, the automatic interaction with the Blending Research & Development module makes it possible to calculate the characteristics and danger of formula during the study phase.