The information
that matters.
To decide.

Information better delivered produce more informed decisions.

Implementing BI in the company means to determine the real levers that must guide decisions, to then have the necessary strength and knowledge to support them.

We chose BIRST by INFOR, the solution that breaks the paradigms of traditional BI – made of data builders or viewers – because it transforms all information consumers into intelligence producers.

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BIRST is a Business Intelligence tool able to meet the needs of the IT world and the Business Users, thanks to an architecture that allows all users – teams and organization units – to share data and information intuitively and across the board.

It is a solution born in the cloud, able to bring together all the company’s databases and the various systems on which departmental ANALYTICS are created. BIRST has already become the platform of reference for BI and Analytics of all the evolutionary strategies of INFOR solutions, ERP or not.

The platform consists of a two-level data architecture, including BI, allowing different individual within the company to make thei own decisions.

BIRST creates a user data level that connects to existing data from different sources, automating the “refining” process of the data and creating a unique view for all company users.

BIRST offers a user experience that meets all the needs by supporting every analysis style. It also adapts to different devices: the same interface and the same data can be displayed both on desktop, laptop, or mobile, online and offline.


for every need

BIRST dashboards and visual discovery – Easy data manipulation.

BIRST dashboards do not require IT training or technical intervention, and they allow a real self-service BI. The BIRST interface gives you the possibility to explore data with intuitive features such as drag-and-drop and double-click, automatic search completion, guided views, and filters.

Interactive dashboards allow you to interact directly with the panel. The information filtering operation is intuitive, and dashboards support drill-anywhere functionality.

BIRST mobile BI – Access data from any device, anywhere.

With BIRST mobile devices, you can quickly browse through charts and tables, filter information, and learn more about the reports. BIRST mobile uses the same HTML5 interface used in BIRST on desktops, laptops, or any other device. This means that everything you develop in BIRST can be shown on any device, natively via an app or on the browser.

BIRST open-client interface – Work with the analytical tools that you prefer.

Your company can further transform its BI capabilities by extending the power of BIRST 2-Tier analysis to other popular tools like Excel, R, and Tableau. BIRST open-client interface allows ODBC access to the Uniform Business Model, allowing you to create direct connections to other front-end tools. The experience is seamless: end-users continue to interact with the data within their existing tools, while BIRST executes queries in the background. More, BIRST includes a designer for the advanced creation of highly formatted reports typically used in production.



BIRST platform offers a fully integrated and automated analytical database, it incorporates data preparation functions and offers a fast and reliable connection to the Infor ERP Blending platform, like other third-party systems.

With BIRST, you make the decision cycles shorter because you can work with the front-end applications you already know. Furthermore, you can have a single reliable version of the information and consistent analysis on all BI tools you use. The result? Greater trust and alignment throughout the entire company to achieve better business results.

With BIRST, you can create, plan, alert, and distribute reports with ease and in total safety.

BIRST allows:

  • Supporting management in accessing relevant business information
  • Avoid additional costs in building the Data Warehouse and related HW architecture
  • Transforming data into information and these into decisions that improve business results