The functional flexibility
that improves
process efficiency

The process industry production is based on formulas and recipes, unlike the manufacturing industry, which uses bills of materials and the assembly of components. Thus, in process production, the most significant factors are the ingredients, rather than the parts; the formulas, rather than bills of materials; bulk products rather than single units.

Only a vertical software specifically developed for the requirements of formula-based production can optimally support the daily operations.

Giving particular attention and care to the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, paintings, and food sectors, Infor ERP Blending was designed exclusively for the process industry, focusing therefore on the recipe (Master Batch Record).

The solution has a complete functional coverage at service of all departments, and it can be configured according to the company specific requirements

Infor ERP Blending includes the materials management with purchases, sales, and inventory, as well as the production planning and control with fully integrated development and management of the recipes.

The weighing dialogue modules (Dispensing), LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) and Formula Development, specifically designed for the process industry, guarantee high-quality production, and they simplify the consistent monitoring of the batch inventory.

The digital management of warehouse and production through mobile terminals and barcodes allows optimizing the resources, while keeping production yield and manpower under control.

Infor ERP Blending has an open structure that facilitates integration with external factory systems: weighing, process control, robotic warehouse management, and automation.

The detection and analysis of all production data allow an accurate cost control that can extended to  industrial accounting.

Modular and scalable, the solution supports the activation of sector-specific functions ensuring compliance with the regulations.

For pharmaceutical industries, it manages Audit Trail, Serialization, and the implementation of the Electronic Batch Record (EBR), providing reliable support in Quality Assurance. The solution complies with the 21 CFR Part 11 requirements of FDA and EU-GMP – Annex 11. The functional coverage is completed with the management of Product and Process IPC’s, PQR and Cleanings (Rooms/Equipments).

For chemical and painting industries, it manages hazardous materials (Infor Blending Envicon) and R&D, carrying out an accurate costing analysis of formulas and comparisons between different versions.

For cosmetic industries, it manages the Research & Development projects and the PIFs (Product Information File) automatic generation


for every need

Infor ERP Blending is the solution specific for process industry business.

It includes a comprehensive set of standard functionalities:

  • Recipe management with the definition of process parameters for production control and calculation of quantitative and qualitative properties
  • Production planning and control
  • Dispensing – Direct control of scales or load cells for all types of registrations
  • Packaging management, including packaging on loan, with pre-determination of the filling criteria
  • Scheduling of supplies and demand explosion from packaged to raw materials
  • Logistics accounting and production through PDA and electronic labeling
  • Correct inventory status for any item
  • Flexible and automatic vendor evaluation
  • Availability of the double-check criterion and automatic data logging, including Audit Trail
  • Serialization with equipment interface and data exchange to the hub and EU authorities
  • Fully integrated LIMS, with the option of automatic generation of analysis orders, lot release with double signature and issue of analysis certificates. It includes stability studies.
  • Integrated management of safety data sheets, including calculation, printing, and labels
  • Capacity Planning of work centers and human resources with graphic display
  • CRM to support sales and marketing activities
  • Order management with flexible purchase cost and provisional stock evaluation
  • Customized queries on the entire database that can be displayed by user competence
  • E-Shop for online orders
  • Document management through EDI

Integrated workflow with event management for progress and control of business processes



Infor ERP Blending is the right solution for you if:

  • the core business of your company is production based on recipes, formulas and organized in batches
  • you are looking for a unique and integrated solution to support the needs of the entire company
  • you want to open up to innovation to be more competitive and expand into national and international markets
  • you want the security to fulfill obligations and legal requirements
  • you want to save time and money thanks to a vertical software, that is easy to use and easy to deploy

Thanks to the extensive functional coverage and flexibility, Infor ERP Blending can be deployed, after an accurate process analysis, based on the standard functionalities, that do not require extra-system custom developments. This means considerable savings in time and costs during the implementation phase and, over time, on the system maintenance and further upgrades.

At Eon, we don’t just know our product. We are highly competent, and we accurately know the peculiarities and requirements of your sector. We speak your language. The advantage? Immediate understanding of needs, which translates into process optimization and consequent increase in your business efficiency.

All our projects for the pharmaceutical industry are validated according to the EU GMP Annex 11 and 21 CFR Part 11 regulations of the FDA.