We are expert consultants and active partners of important national and international manufacturing companies.
Our solutions are specifically designed for demanding, competitive, and often rigidly regulated industrial sectors.


ERP, weighing room, LIMS, eBR, eQMS, and Serialization: we provide you with the complete solution to consolidate your competitive edge, through the adoption of new and innovative production and organisational models, which can be validated according to specific European/U.S. regulations.
We help you plan and track efficiently, safely, and comprehensively every step of the production process and quality assurance.


We support you in planning logistics and production to improve your efficiency. Our solution is unique in its kind. It is designed around the concept of recipe-oriented manufacturing. It involves the release of lots in compliance with their own (or yours) specification, integrating safety control according to REACH / CLP criteria. Moreover, it optimizes the management of products, sub-products, waste, recoveries, and it guarantees flexibility in the packaging definition.

Paints & Dyes

We help you make production faster, more flexible and differentiated. Our solution is designed to give you maximum freedom in product formulation, planning, and process control. It also gives you the possibility of interfacing with the automation to optimize formulations on the basis of pigment characteristics as well.
Furthermore, paints and dyes manufacturers will be able to effectively manage the strict environmental legislation, both inside and outside the plant.


Whether you work in the cosmetic industry or medical device industry, we help you correctly implement ISO 22716 and cGMP regulations. Thanks to the experience gained in the pharmaceutical sector, we can develop solutions that will improve your quality, efficiency, and competitiveness. With us, you will be able to work without any problem with international markets, even as contractors, successfully overcome the audits required for using IT systems.


We help you to face successfully the market challenges: the variability of raw material prices, the high competition, the continuous innovation of production processes, the compliance with regulations and laws. How? Offering you an ad hoc solution that simplifies, optimizes, and makes more efficient all the processes contributing to the value chain.